Power in Thoughts

Some years ago when I was living near the University campus and very close to downtown Austin, I was selling diamonds about thirty minutes away.  Each Friday morning, the garbage truck came  by and after emptying the trash, the bin would be tossed down the drive behind my parked car.

Being dressed for work and always about ten minutes before leaving, I would have to gingerly pick up the can and lid and set it upright beside the drive where it belonged.  Numerous notes had been left requesting that be done.  The next thirty minutes were spent driving to work and calming my thoughts about having to do this each and every Friday.

One Friday morning , after living there for months, I was standing near my kitchen window finishing a cup of coffee and fully dressed in a new dress.  As I leaned over to look out, I could hear the truck coming and immediately began to get anxious and worry about getting my dress soiled.

This morning, the question came asking, “What does God see here?”  As I pondered this, I will always remember thinking that ” what if we didn’t have the garbage truck and it’s men? ”  Then I became so grateful and saw the loyalty and dependability that was expressed and after thinking along these lines for a few minutes, irritation was replaced by Love and gratitude!

As I looked out again, the trash container was sitting up beside the drive with the lid on top.  Living there four more years, it was never thrown behind my car again.  Some may call that a coincidence, but I call it repenting and looking at a situation with gratitude and humility.

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