It was difficult to watch last night’s presidential debate with an open mind and not feeling disgusted.  The appearance was small spoiled children threatening one another.  However, prayers are so needed for our Government, without personalizing and also, knowing there is a higher government and that is God!

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Woman at the Well

This morning I have been working with the fourth Chapter of John, where it relates the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.  She must have been still searching for Love or the Christ would have never approached her.  When she was told of her past, I am reminded of the old Country and Western song “Looking for Love in all the wrong Places” because Jesus told her that she had had five husbands and the man she was living with then was not her husband.

She was freed from the past that very day and returned home to tell others about the Christ.  There is no place that He told her she needed to feel guilty about the past and she was released since in reality, it had nothing to do with her true Spiritual being ever. How very comforting is that thought?  Any part of our past that was not Love, was only a dream from which we can awaken.

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Follow-up on Sacrifice

It has only been a few short hours since my post about self-pity, justification and righteousness.  I have just hung up the telephone with a company that I don’t think are very ethical and I told them so!   After becoming irritated, I was led to re-read my previous blog and I saw that was just a little pop quiz I went through to see if I was understanding what I was professing.  Yes, a light has come on and I feel I need to look at this company differently in order to have my peace today.Yellow SwallowTail 006-1


As I think on the word, “Sacrifice”, immolation comes to mind.  We are never asked to sacrifice anything that is Good for our Spiritual growth, but we are expected to sacrifice self-pity, which leads immediately to self-condemnation, self-justification and self-righteousness.  One can never experience joy while “wallowing” in any of those.  Freedom from mental bondage comes from the release of those and focusing on God.  Once I heard an expression which I love, “God is, error isn’t and that’s that!”  alford_larry_10


This morning while at my desk, I began pondering “age” and thought about how we are bombarded with “age-related” issues, diseases and appearances.  One cannot turn on television, open a magazine or newspaper, or attend a movie without seeing how the world views “age”.  By living like that (or existing) one becomes self-absorbed with appearances and aches and pains from  his or her body.

My prayer each day is to rise above the human thought of all the advertisements of happiness if one looks a certain way or uses a certain product.  Focus on God, not the human body!

Another verse from a hymn comes to mind.

“Know, O child, thy full salvation;

Rise o’er sin and fear and care;

Joy to find, in every station,

Something still to do, or bear.”