To Struggle

This morning while studying and praying about the day, my first thought was about a meeting I have in an hour.  I am the treasurer of an organization and it is time for the annual report and audit.  Of course, there is nothing to fear, but dread creeps into my thinking.  I suddenly realize that the only time there seems to be a struggle in my life is when human will, pride and ego are at the forefront.  As I humbly release this fear to God, at the same time the dread is released and I know I can enjoy this meeting rather than just focus on it being over!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8  This is not something I have to do on my own, but put my trust in Him.

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Know Thyself

When I began this blog, my goal was to write each and everyday.  Recently, it has become a struggle and this morning, I had my “aha” moment.  Years ago, I was in sales and it had been very important for me to be in the top 25 of the nation, to be acknowledged as a “crackerjack” sales person and to win the contests!  My friend posted from Proverbs that a fool has confidence in himself while a wise man has confidence in God.

This blog is NOT  about “me” but about seeing through God’s eyes.  It is always evident when there is a struggle, I am trying to do something on my own.

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