Regaining My Strength

While it appears I am getting stronger daily, I remember my strength comes from God and I just need to claim it, not regain it.  While giving praise and noticing flowers and cards all around, right then when I would be feeling the Love, I think of someone I haven’t heard from during this time.  Immediately, I recognize this thought coming from the carnal mind mentioned in the Bible which is enmity against God.

Rejecting a thought to try and pull me down, I humbly give thanks that I need not entertain it, but just reject it with the understanding that Love is all!  Pondering III John 1:2, which states “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” , I know the choice is mine to contemplate this Truth rather than some error of any kind.  Gratitude and humility reign within as I think about Easter and its promises.

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If God is Life, and He is; there can be no death for there is no place where God is not.

If God is Love, and He is, there can be no hatred since there is no opposing power to Love.

If God is Truth and He is, there can be no lie since error is self-destructive and can not stand.

If God is intelligence, and He is, there can be no lack of intelligence.

If God is Spirit, and He is, there can be no “spiritlessness”  since God is omnipresent.

If God is Soul, and He is, then there can be no void that is not filled with Love and Light.

If God is Principle, and He is, then there can be no random acts of any kind.  Everything Good stems from Principle and is the real and eternal.

Always begin with God and what He sees and knows to be true.