Follow-up on Sacrifice

It has only been a few short hours since my post about self-pity, justification and righteousness.  I have just hung up the telephone with a company that I don’t think are very ethical and I told them so!   After becoming irritated, I was led to re-read my previous blog and I saw that was just a little pop quiz I went through to see if I was understanding what I was professing.  Yes, a light has come on and I feel I need to look at this company differently in order to have my peace today.Yellow SwallowTail 006-1



As I think on the word, “Sacrifice”, immolation comes to mind.  We are never asked to sacrifice anything that is Good for our Spiritual growth, but we are expected to sacrifice self-pity, which leads immediately to self-condemnation, self-justification and self-righteousness.  One can never experience joy while “wallowing” in any of those.  Freedom from mental bondage comes from the release of those and focusing on God.  Once I heard an expression which I love, “God is, error isn’t and that’s that!”  alford_larry_10