The Hummingbird

This morning while at my desk studying my Bible and praying, out of the corner of my eye I see movement and notice a hummingbird.  While watching it, I am reminded that logically, it shouldn’t be able to fly.  It’s body is too large and it’s wings, too short, but that doesn’t stop it from flying.  Then Luke 1:37 comes to mind and it reads, “For nothing is impossible with God.”

That is the verse I will use today as I continue to pray for safety and protection for those effected by Hurricane Harvey.  Nothing is impossible with God!



Priceless Pearl

A priceless pearl begins as being an irritant within the oyster.  I love to think on this as I pray about something that can seem frustrating to me.  As I release the burden and give it to God and have patience and faith that He is working it out, I relax in gratitude and humility.  It never fails that the same irritant becomes a blessing within my life when I repent (change the way I was looking at it).  If man gets involved in the formation of a pearl, it becomes cultured and not nearly so valuable as  a natural pearl.  Same with a challenge!  When man outlines the outcome, it often can become chaotic and messy.  Today I will give everything to God!  Belief becomes understanding.

Luke 1:37 reads, “For nothing is impossible with God.”  There is no exception.



Man at Bethesda

In the second chapter of Mark, there is a story of a man with an affliction of thirty-eight years.  When Jesus asked him if he wanted to be made well, rather than say “Yes, of course”, he began to list reasons why he wasn’t healed.  Reading about that healing caused me to look at my life and when I sometimes give excuses why things are  a certain way.  It is tempting to blame another or for example, if one is selling a home, to claim it is the wrong time, etc.  There is nothing impossible to God  at any time and I still catch myself wanting to believe in a limitation of Good!  There is no limitation of Good.  Either I believe that or I don’t!