Supply Comes From God

Many years ago I sold gold jewelry and my first purchase found gold at $100 an ounce.  During the years gold went up to almost $2,000 an ounce.  It was sold through home parties, fund raisers and gifts through Board Rooms at large corporations and was often very profitable.  Trying to keep pricing competitive but also making a profit was quite tricky and at  times, impossible.  There were times I would almost sell out of my inventory which was good, but more expensive to replace certain items.  Then, I would have to think about pricing increases.  At that time, it would have never occurred to me to pray about this, but still God looked after me.

It took years before realizing my Good comes from God and I certainly could not outline humanly my profit margins.  Gratitude is expressed daily and is foremost in my thoughts as I glance back and see my every human need has been met by God and I know it will continue to  be.  Thank you, Father.

Psalm 105:4 states “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek His face always.”

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The Lame Man

This morning I have been studying Acts 3:1-8.  It is the story of Peter and John going into the temple at the hour of Prayer and encountering the lame man asking alms of them.  They responded there was no silver or gold, but healed him instead!  This is so often the case as I pray and outline what I think I need, and God always has so much more in store for me.  Are we expecting a full demonstration as we pray or are we limiting our Good?

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