A Clean Slate

This morning as I sit at my desk, I think about beginning this day with a clean slate.  We can’t undo yesterday nor  predict the future but we can turn humbly to God asking Him to direct our path today.  Exodus 33:14 reads “The Lord replied, ‘My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.'”  How reassuring is that?  I was reminded of  picture that I painted several years ago and was tempted to toss it when finally turning to my teacher, I asked for help.  She gave me two simple suggestions and this picture is now one of my favorite pieces I have painted.  It was effortless as I removed my human ego.

By staying in the presence of Love/God, I can expect blessings to unfold.  I can release any and all anxiousness, judgment and negativity just by staying aware that I am totally dependent upon God and know He is right here always.



To Struggle

This morning while studying and praying about the day, my first thought was about a meeting I have in an hour.  I am the treasurer of an organization and it is time for the annual report and audit.  Of course, there is nothing to fear, but dread creeps into my thinking.  I suddenly realize that the only time there seems to be a struggle in my life is when human will, pride and ego are at the forefront.  As I humbly release this fear to God, at the same time the dread is released and I know I can enjoy this meeting rather than just focus on it being over!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.”  Psalm 32:8  This is not something I have to do on my own, but put my trust in Him.

Rufous Immature Male Hummingbird-Edit

Removing Ego, Experiencing Love

Years ago, during the Valentine Season, when I was selling diamonds and fine jewelry for one of the largest diamond chains in the nation, a young girl and her aunt came in to purchase a gift for her mother.  Immediately, she told me she had $100 so I showed her a $94.99 gold heart and chain.  She was “beaming” as I walked her to the back for her sale to be rung up and gift-wrapped.

As she left the store, she smiled grandly and waved “good-bye” to me.  Actually, I felt good even though it was a rather small sale.

My manager walked up behind me and led me toward the diamond room.  Since I was in the top 25 in the nation, I certainly wasn’t expecting criticism.  He questioned me about showing her a $100 item and I quickly replied that was all the money that she had.

Then he told me that she had her aunt with her and I was limiting my sale and leaving money on the table and on and on and on as if I hadn’t been in the business for twenty-five years.  He was very stern when he told me he never wanted me to “show low” again.

Finally, he finished his diatribe, either from boredom or fear of making me angry (which I was).  As we were leaving the diamond room, I glanced up and hesitantly walking toward me was an older, bent-over gentleman.  After greeting him warmly, he told me had never bought his wife a piece of jewelry in the fifty years of marriage and only had $50.

With my manager breathing down my neck, I quickly turned to God and ask for his help in pleasing both of these men.  Obviously, the situation was out of my control.

Within a minute, I unlocked one of our more-expensive cases and took out a new $2,500 ruby and diamond necklace and laid it in his hands and asked his thought on it since it was new.  He just gasped and replied that it was beautiful.  Then I moved to the next case and took out a necklace in his price range and began telling him the qualities of the piece.  He shook his head and smiled broadly and we walked to the rear of the store and his purchase was rung up and gift-wrapped.

When he walked out of the store, he walked over to my manager and told him our jewelry was wonderful as well as our service.  He even walked prouder when he left the store.

So much was learned that day!  As I humbly removed my “know-it-all” ego and humbly listened for guidance , I was led to the right answer which blessed everyone.  Definitely, what blesses one, blesses all.