Blessing Others

As I have been studying the Beatitudes in Matthew 5,  I have been reading “The Gentle Art of Blessing” by Pierre Pradervand at the same time and found it very helpful.  In the book, the author tells about how he began blessing others and especially those who had hurt him in some way.  He told how he just didn’t use the words, but dug deep to see everyone’s true identity.

This spoke to me as I think of those that may not be my favorite people and then the list grew as I became amazed.  If I truly love God, I must find Him in everyone.  What a great lesson!  That is exactly what I will do.

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Human Planning

There are times when an outcome is not as we had planned or hoped and soon, we entertain feelings of regret.  If thoughts go unattended, they  can spiral down to resentment, but by praying with I Peter 5:6 which states, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.”, we can know that God is working His purpose out. Not sometime, but every time, we can rest assured that God knows what He is doing and we are always blessed.  This blessing can only be seen as we release all bitterness and regret.

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