The Little Children

Yesterday on our way home from a road trip we came into this small town where traffic was backed up and as we got closer, there were police stationed on every corner of the downtown square.  Wherever we looked there were trick or treaters pulling their parents along and it was precious.  The temperature was going to drop so all the merchants were giving out candy early.

The more I looked, I thought of the little children in the Bible where it says a little child shall lead them.  Matthew 18:3 states “Truly, I say unto you, unless you are converted and become like little children, you will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.”  That is talking about “childlikeness”, never “childishness”.  The first is purity, innocence and affection while the latter is selfish and prideful.  We should strive for the first!

Then I went on to think how Adam and Eve came on the scene as adults while the Christ began as an infant!  So much to think about as we pray to learn more of God and our relationship to Him.  What a thrilling journey we are on.

Backyard Fawn


One thought on “The Little Children

  1. Interesting point to bring forward that Adam & Eve came on the scene as adults and the Christ as an infant. I hadn’t thought of that before. Thanks for continuing to distinguish between child-likeness and childishness. I find that always helpful and I love the fact that we never “grow up” and lose our innate innocence, purity and affection as you so beautifully state. Thank you!!


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