Teach Me To Love

This morning I came across the above titled poem written by Louise Knight Wheatley  years ago.  It begins with her prayer asking for success, prosperity, friends, a nice home, luxury and joy.  Many lines later and I am sure years later,  it ends with

“Ah, Love divine, how empty was that prayer of other days!  That which  was once so fair,–Those flimsy baubles which the world calls joys Are nothing to me now but broken toys, outlived, outgrown.  I thank Thee that I know those much-desired dreams of long ago, like butterflies, have had their summer’s day  of brief enchantment, and have gone.  I pray for better things.

Thou knowest, God above, My one desire now–Teach me to Love.”

As I read and reread that poem, I thought of my own prayers and how they have changed over the years and I humbly express so much gratitude for this spiritual growth.

Birds in Flight-1B


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