The Paycheck Becomes the Bonus

Recently I watched a reporter interview a principal  of a school about a bus driver and then, he goes on to interview the driver himself. It was evident that the driver was special  as he developed a relationship with each of the children.  He also assigned them responsibilities on the bus, creating harmony and order and was their friend which was also evident when the children were interviewed.

He loves his job and you could easily recognize this when he said that his paycheck was the bonus because the real pay came in these kiddos’ faces when he acknowledged each and every one of them.  While reflecting on this, I thought “Shouldn’t every job be like this?”  His love for his job and these children were the first thing you saw !

Psalm 119:27 “Let me understand the teaching of your precepts; then I will meditate on your wonders.”

Country Road S

One thought on “The Paycheck Becomes the Bonus

  1. I saw this as well and how inspiring was that bus driver!!!! Harmony begets order begets unselfishness begets Love. Thanks for sharing this!!


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