Release The Past

Recently, my husband and I were watching a science fiction series where this young woman who was a time traveler went back in time where her father had been run over by a car and killed when she was an infant.  Rather than just watch the event, she ran out to the street and pushed him away which saved him.  The remainder of the episode was the chaotic result of that split second decision to alter what had happened.  From there it was a ripple effect of horrendous things!

Thoughts came pouring in from the past and very soon, I realized that nothing should be changed, even if we could so why would we even entertain the past?  Genesis 19:26  states “But his wife, from behind him, looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.”  This is talking about Lot’s wife looking  back, even after God told them not to look.  “Pillar of salt” was slang in biblical times for “frozen with fear”.  This just led to some interesting thoughts about the past.  Today, I will keep my thought right here, right now!

morning meditation 11x8-edit


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