The Mother of Moses

As I studied the birth of Moses, it occurred to me that his mother must have had enormous faith in God.  One can only imagine the fear of putting your infant in a homemade ark near a river.  After the Pharaoh’s daughter found him, Moses’ sister volunteered to find a Hebrew woman (which was Moses’ mother) to nurse him.  Not only did she nurse him, but received wages to do so.  No one but God could have outlined that!  Everyone was blessed which happens every time we listen and obey Him.

Psalms 145:20 states “The Lord preserveth all them that love Him:”  How very comforting!  To me, that is so much more than a nice Bible story from my childhood but a lesson on Love, trust and faith.  God always takes one all the way; never just part way.  I will remember this today when doubt tries to sneak in to my thinking about anything.


One thought on “The Mother of Moses

  1. “God always takes one all the way; not just part way.” WOW! What a impactful statement. God would never stop the car and leave us by the side of the road to fend for ourselves. We always have a roadmap leading us within a Kingdom full of delightful and enjoyable adventure!! THANK YOU!! 😘


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