So many images come to mind when I think of “complacency”.  The first definition is to be “pleased with oneself”.  As I think further, I think of “Pontius Pilate” as he allowed them to crucify the Christ after brushing his hands together.  The question then arises “Do we really want to be healed?” or do we just not want to rock the boat and accept whatever rather than expect joy and health and prosperity that is our natural inheritance!  Revelation 3: 16 reads “So because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of My mouth.”

The questions I will ask myself today are “Am I playing it safe?”, “Am I just barely satisfied, but causing no trouble?”  or am I willing to stretch and play full out!!  Yes, today I will practice even loving more, not caring if it is returned to me.  I will paint a picture not caring if anyone but me likes or understands it.

Horse Trio PL-Painting




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