God Answers Prayers

We just returned home from a 1500 plus mile trip where we were protected in many ways.  The trip was to attend our granddaughter’s outdoor wedding and after arriving, rain was in the forecast.  The wedding was about 17 miles away from the city where they live and it had become very cloudy.  As I was praying about this weather, it occurred to me that nothing can dampen nor darken Good and God is Good and ever-present.

As we drove away from the city, it became lighter and lighter and I knew and felt God’s presence.  The wedding was beautiful and dry.  There was love expressed everywhere.     I Chronicles 16:27 states “Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and joy in His dwelling place.” came to thought!  What a wonderful event!


One thought on “God Answers Prayers

  1. I appreciate your inspiration above and how only God’s perfect work is what we are experiencing. The reference to I Chronicles 16:27 is confirmation that God’s creation was made in His likeness — with the qualities of strength and joy — in which we majestically employ. 🙏


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