Holy Place

Someone recently pointed out to me that the definition of “Pilgrim” meant a traveler to a Holy Place.  This is what our ancestors were doing years ago when they came over for religious freedom and settled America.  Have we forgotten America is a Holy Place?  Think about what those people endured in traveling here ; then I think about Psalm 29:11 which states “The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.”  That is true right here, right now and my prayer will be to know this!


One thought on “Holy Place

  1. LOVE this thought — being a pilgrim. Brings an added perspective to man being the glorious expression of God. Our mission is to impress upon ourselves as well as express the Christ Truth. Thanks for reminding us that we can endure the journey for the outcome, as the Psalmist states, is strength and peace. 😘

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