Waiting for Validation

Several months ago, my husband and I each sold a picture (he sold a photo and I sold a small watercolor) to a client several hours away.  When she received them, she sent a message to my husband and a picture of his framed and told him  where she was hanging it.  Immediately, I began having second thoughts about mine and wondered if she liked it.  Thought about calling her or messaging her but held back, but the doubting thought was persistent.  Finally, it dawned on me that validation should only come from God.  I didn’t really need it from another person and I then let go of the nagging thought.

Several days ago, I received a text from her stating she so loved the picture and had had a difficult time on choosing the right place to put it and had decided to put it next to a picture of her lovely daughter sitting in a field of flowers.  She included a picture of it.

My heart was filled with gratitude, not because I had heard from her which I was glad but that I had realized my validation comes from God always!

Job 22:21 states “Submit to God and be at peace with Him; in this way  prosperity will come to you.”



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