The Conversion of Saul

While studying the 9th Chapter of Acts and seeing the before and after of Saul, I am amazed as Ananias listens to God.  Saul had long been a persecutor of the Christians until he was blinded by the Truth on his way to Damascus.  Ananias was told by God to go and heal Saul of his blindness, but in the 13th verse of Acts:9 he says “Lord, I have heard from many about this man how much harm he did to your saints at Jerusalem;”.

This reminds me of different times I have felt humanly justified in not listening to God.  Maybe it was a fear of an upcoming event or a dislike of another person.  Whenever I feel a struggle within, I know I am trying to humanly outline rather than listen to God.  In the story of Saul before he was transformed into Paul, it would have been easy for Ananias to know he was justified in his feelings toward this man, who had caused so much heart-ache to many, but he had put his personal fears and opinions aside and obeyed God.  With the healing of Saul, Paul became invaluable to the Christian movement.  We are constantly reminded in our study of the Bible to replace fear with God’s Love and let His purpose unfold.  Today, I will watch even closer and replace my human will with His will.



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