Restoration of Job’s Fortune

Recently, I have been studying Job and feel quite sure most of us has related to him at one time or another.  Humanly, it looked as if he had lost everything and it says that he was a God-fearing man so I never felt he was being punished for something.  So often, we want to find a reason for our ailments or challenges when actually, it is never about us but just the opportunity to learn more about God and our relationship to Him.

Job 42:10 reads “The Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends, and the Lord increased all that Job had twofold.”  I love that verse!  When I reach out to God releasing all fear and concern about me, I am gently nudged to pray for mankind.  Healing comes when I truly let go and let God be God.

Yucca SunsetPL-Edit


2 thoughts on “Restoration of Job’s Fortune

  1. What a wonderful verse indeed. Thank you for providing it to all of us and giving us your inspired perspective. This is a keeper!!!! Getting rid of the personal and unifying my being with God is so, so freeing in so, so many ways. I appreciate your valuable insights today. And I LOVE the accompanying photo. 🤗


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