Blessed Are The Meek

This morning as I was praying with the Beatitudes which Jesus gave us in the Sermon on the Mount, I was drawn to Matthew 5:5, where it reads “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”  Thinking on the word “meek” meaning non-aggressive while it is the opposite of anger, self-righteousness and the need to aggressively control.  For many years I was in sales and was very good in the field thinking that “aggression” certainly was necessary in my endeavors; otherwise, I would be left behind.

After maturing spiritually, I realize I cannot hear God while I am trying to control and find it so freeing to listen and obey God!  I sometimes cringe when I think about the past but quickly realize I needed to learn the lessons I did.  They soon became blessings as I prayed to understand.


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