“Believe me–It wasn’t easy”

This was a poem written by Marcella Krisel and I found it “spot on”!

For far too long I played host to a problem that I thought was up to me to solve.  I wrestled with it daily–denouncing, entreating, resenting it.  Unfortunately, it thrived on all this attention and the free room and board.  Finally, at a particularly low point of human discouragement, I was spurred into immediate action of a different sort by a flash of insight.

“I can of mine own self do nothing”

In what seemed then to be a fit of recklessness (almost irresponsibility) I tossed that problem out, Out–with all its trappings–from under my protective shadow into the bright sunshine.  There the light of Truth and Love, unimpressed, serenely dissolved and displaced it in a matter of moments.


One thought on ““Believe me–It wasn’t easy”

  1. You are right…talk about SPOT ON! This is terrific, Becky. Thanks so much for generously sharing this important TRUTH with us all! ❤


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