Choose Love, Not Anger

Recently read an article about a man watching a television program about government policies and positions of elected officials.  He reported how he had been pulled in with anger and became angrier and angrier until he realized what he had been doing.  We can always choose Love over anger.

I John 4:8 reads, “The one who does not know Love does not know God, for God is Love.”  I notice this does not say “from time to time” or “sometime”.  This is not just good advice but it is Truth.  It is up to us on taking in “negativity”!


2 thoughts on “Choose Love, Not Anger

  1. Becky, after reading your inspiration my first thought was, “life is full of choices”, but caught myself and as you emphasize there is ONLY ONE CHOICE: DIVINE LOVE! ❤ The hard part, at times, is what you point out–Divine Love doesn't pick and choose its time to appear and manifest itself or share its power with matter. There is indeed only one Mind and that is our CHOICE.

    Thank you so much for this very important reminder!! LOVE!!!! ❤


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