Walls of Jerusalem

While studying Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, I have been so impressed by Nehemiah’s avoidance of distraction.  His so-called friends kept telling him to come down under various pretenses, but he resisted.  He had work to do.

That applies to us daily.  Yesterday, I heard a woman talking of her golf game and the pro who was teaching her how to make a long drive, kept telling her to focus and not be distracted.  When she began doing better, he laughed and told her she would have it down after about five hundred more times.

When I am studying and praying at my desk, I can be distracted by the computer, or random thoughts if I am not careful.  By spiritualizing thought while studying the Bible, I can receive answers to any question I may have.  Gratitude and humility fill my heart with the knowledge that by asking for bread (understanding), I will never receive a stone!

Yellow SwallowTail 006-1

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