Listening to God

It always amazes me when God answers a prayer after I have completely released the problem to Him.  This morning I was reading an article about “Praying for the earth’s oceans” and was drawn to a paragraph talking about all the debris.  It read, “I reasoned that I didn’t need to dwell on what others seemed to be doing wrong or to come up with ways to remedy their behavior.  Instead, I first needed to acknowledge God as the infinite, only divine cause of the universe, and to recognize that God, divine Love, is expressing harmony in man and the universe.  This change in my own thinking required a humble yielding, a complete trust in God’s constant law of goodness.”

A light came on and I realized this was what I needed to see!  I certainly wasn’t reading this article for the solution of a challenge in my life.  As I studied this paragraph, I knew this was my answer and I will leave the so-called problem in God’s hands.

IMG_0662 (15)_San Marcos River@Zilder Mill


Today is the first day of spring and such a wonderful time to be aware of all the beauty and Love surrounding us.  Blessings shower us daily and only as we discard the negative focus in our lives, can we perceive them.  Keeping our mind on God clears all blockage preoccupying us.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17.


The Storm

Last night we had quite a storm with quarter-sized hail and strong winds with thunder and lightening.  Large limbs were blown off our trees and bounced upon and off our roof.  Knowing I needed to work about releasing fear and anxiety, I do what I always do.  Pray.  After working with the 91st Psalm, I was gently reminded of a verse of a favorite hymn that reads,

“The storm my roar without me,

My heart may low be laid;

But God is round about me,

And can I be dismayed?”

Peace soon replaced fear and this morning, my husband found no damage to either of our cars or roof.  I am so grateful for the protection we received.


Pride and Fear

Recently, I had called a real estate office in a small town in East Texas to get pricing on a couple of homes on a near-by lake.  It took about six calls before I received a call back and was told he wasn’t sure which homes that I meant.  He didn’t call back and when I called again, he was rather flippant about it so I told him that we probably would not be a good fit, so never mind.

There was no way he could make it in sales here where we are because he just wasn’t aggressive enough.  My thoughts went on and on along this line  and I certainly was justified humanly for not being taken seriously and we were really interested.  This way of thinking went on for a while until I realized I wasn’t feeling very peaceful.

As I have studied and prayed and have been taught that I can never find peace when I am prideful and fearful, I know that humility and gratitude is always what is needed to attain that peace.   There had certainly been pride and no humility at all.  When I feel humanly justified, that is exactly the time I need to check on my humility.  I am so grateful for the lessons I learn daily when I listen for that still, small voice.


Priceless Gift

Yesterday, I was outside and one of the two little boys who live next door came over to me and asked me if I remembered bringing him and his brother cookies at Christmas.  I told him that I did and he replied they were gone now.  I asked if he would like more and he said, “Yes”.

Today, I made them chocolate chip cookies and got them each a coloring book, crayons and playdough.  This afternoon, my doorbell rang and there was the two little boys and their mother.  They had drawn me pictures and written thank-you notes and handed me a can of pork and beans! When I told them I loved everything, each of them told the mom, “See, I told you she  would like them!”  They were beaming and so, was I.  No, I had never received a can of beans as a thank you, but it was the most heartfelt gift I had ever received!

Joy Restored

When we went to go for our walk this afternoon, I began having pains in one of my legs.  Being a Christian Scientist, we are taught that an erroneous thought is always behind a pain.  Our walk was cut short and we returned home and I picked up my Bible to read and pray.

A friend at Church had told me to read Psalm 3 after she had read my blog this past week-end, which I did several times.  After the last reading, a subtle thought of bitterness came up .  I realized this was my answer and I am so grateful for this study and for such friends, who rather than give human advice, direct me toward scripture. ” Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”  *  The bitterness needed to be ejected from thought and it was!  Joy was restored!!

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures


Grateful for Lessons

This morning I was reminded by a dear friend of Isaiah 43:2-3 where it states, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you.  When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned or scorched, nor will the flame kindle upon you.  For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;”.

The cloud is lifting from the imagined hurt of yesterday and the sun is shining.  How very humbled I am to know God is always right here with me, where it may look like a challenge.  Today I will look through God’s eyes and see perfection and harmony everywhere.