Captain Jack

Two years ago I began taking art lessons.  Fifty years ago, I had a semester in art in High School and only remember the primary colors from the class.  After my second lesson, my teacher told me to bring a picture from home for a project and I selected “Captain Jack”.  My husband had taken the photo of this man on Congress Street in Austin and I absolutely loved it.  When I took this over to my teacher, he had so many reservations but I told him I wanted to paint it for my son’s upcoming birthday.

This was my first graphite and by the time I finished it, I had about seven lessons completed, but it was done with so much Love, I knew the hours spent on it would be worth it.  Below is a photo of my drawing.



2 thoughts on “Captain Jack

  1. Thanks for sharing your artwork, Becky, and especially “Captain Jack”. It is proof that we are ALL gifted with God’s creative expression and time has no limits on when that creative expression is to be expressed. Love is resonating everywhere and we (I) just need to keep purifying my thoughts to let their impact shine through. Thanks for letting me comment. Again, thanks for sharing “Captain Jack” with us all! Happy Day! 🙂


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