Listening to God

It always amazes me when God answers a prayer after I have completely released the problem to Him.  This morning I was reading an article about “Praying for the earth’s oceans” and was drawn to a paragraph talking about all the debris.  It read, “I reasoned that I didn’t need to dwell on what others seemed to be doing wrong or to come up with ways to remedy their behavior.  Instead, I first needed to acknowledge God as the infinite, only divine cause of the universe, and to recognize that God, divine Love, is expressing harmony in man and the universe.  This change in my own thinking required a humble yielding, a complete trust in God’s constant law of goodness.”

A light came on and I realized this was what I needed to see!  I certainly wasn’t reading this article for the solution of a challenge in my life.  As I studied this paragraph, I knew this was my answer and I will leave the so-called problem in God’s hands.

IMG_0662 (15)_San Marcos River@Zilder Mill

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