Pride and Fear

Recently, I had called a real estate office in a small town in East Texas to get pricing on a couple of homes on a near-by lake.  It took about six calls before I received a call back and was told he wasn’t sure which homes that I meant.  He didn’t call back and when I called again, he was rather flippant about it so I told him that we probably would not be a good fit, so never mind.

There was no way he could make it in sales here where we are because he just wasn’t aggressive enough.  My thoughts went on and on along this line  and I certainly was justified humanly for not being taken seriously and we were really interested.  This way of thinking went on for a while until I realized I wasn’t feeling very peaceful.

As I have studied and prayed and have been taught that I can never find peace when I am prideful and fearful, I know that humility and gratitude is always what is needed to attain that peace.   There had certainly been pride and no humility at all.  When I feel humanly justified, that is exactly the time I need to check on my humility.  I am so grateful for the lessons I learn daily when I listen for that still, small voice.


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