Know Thyself

When I began this blog, my goal was to write each and everyday.  Recently, it has become a struggle and this morning, I had my “aha” moment.  Years ago, I was in sales and it had been very important for me to be in the top 25 of the nation, to be acknowledged as a “crackerjack” sales person and to win the contests!  My friend posted from Proverbs that a fool has confidence in himself while a wise man has confidence in God.

This blog is NOT  about “me” but about seeing through God’s eyes.  It is always evident when there is a struggle, I am trying to do something on my own.

DSC_0062 lizard


One thought on “Know Thyself

  1. Good morning, Becky! Thanks for the reminder of what eyes we need to be seeing through…only God’s. That least bit of angst that creeps in is our sign that a change in thought is necessary…GOD IS-ERROR ISN’T.

    My ever thanks & love!


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