The Car Ahead

Recently while I was praying about something and thought I needed to know the complete answer, I was reminded of one cold, rainy, foggy day last year.  I had made a commitment to go to a nursing facility in another town and visibility was almost impossible.  After about twenty minutes into the drive, I noticed my hands were gripping the steering wheel and my entire body felt tense.

As I talked aloud to God, I was reminding Him that I could only see the car ahead of me and I certainly couldn’t drive another thirty minutes or so like this.  The thought that came to me was such that I heard it clearly.  I was told that was all I needed to see.  Almost immediately, the tension left my body and I drove the remainder of the way effortlessly.  The weather didn’t change, but my outlook did.

Many times since then I have thought about my every need being met and I always could see what I need to see and my faith strengthens daily.  springtime_by_labba1-d4xdhj7[2]


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