David and Goliath

From time to time I enjoy studying with David and Goliath and understand it is applicable today.  As I researched Goliath, I discovered that in Biblical times, a man of that size was very often mentally impaired, had dimming eyesight and limited mobility.

As I pondered this, it occurred to me that many of our challenges seem to be “Goliaths”, be it physical, financial, spiritual or whatever, but when fear is removed from our thoughts, it’s never as scary as we thought.  I have to remind myself, the giant was slayed with one small pebble of Truth.

The battle is always God’s, never ours.  Let go and let God.  The lesson always becomes a blessing when understood.

Below is a grand scene of God’s handiwork.  How could we ever be tempted to think there is something He cannot do?




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